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Hi everyone. I want to talk to you guys about five tips for effective blogging. I have been blogging since 2007 when I first started my Toronto wedding photography studio and I loved how it connected me with clients. Over the years so many past clients still check into my photography blog and I really love seeing their comments and knowing is that the point of connection for us. 

The first tip for effective blogging is choosing a niche. Now a niche is a specific target market for your blog so you have to decide who is your blog for and how will it help them. So for example my blog is for small business owners and bloggers looking to grow their blog and looking to grow their businesses. That's where i am most my posts towards except for photography voyager force for my future clients so if you're unsure of how to choose a niche think about what you love to do what are you really good at that people have pointed out hey this is really a skill set of yours for me i know that is social media blogging and it's something that comes very naturally to me so i've decided i would love to teach more about it and blog to a readership that's looking the girl in this area so tip number two is different or a list of topics so whatever your knishes in my case that social media is blogging you're going to write out a whole list of potential topics because i think the biggest stumbling block for people wanting to start blogging is I don't know what to blog about so by having a big list of future topics you'll never have that question again so the first thing I would do is write your niche in a center piece of paper so get a piece of paper get your favourite pin out and we're going to put some things down in pen and paper just for clarity of thought you're going to put your niche in the center my not be social media and blogging then either make spokes out all different directions from that main neeche and then these different spokes you're going to do your sub categories so my niche is social media and blogging what kind of things can i blog about in that niche for me I could have a whole bunch of posts just to walk Instagram just about Google+ dress Facebook Twitter I could also have some search engine optimization blogging posts I can have some more basic blogging posts like how to get started a process of setting up your blog for example so you're going to write out all of those subcategories all around your main niche once we have those subcategories now you're going to look at each one individually and think of a few potential post ideas you could right underneath that sub category so what I might mean by this is if I have a subcategory of Pinterest for example a few titles i can think of they don't need to be closely you've written already but just potential ideas so I could have how to grow your Pinterest following how to organize your pictures towards five boards every small business owner should have why you should be deleting your pins on pinterest these are all these different titles that I thought I might have some ideas for these posts but I don't need to have them all written because i find that the biggest stumbling block like i said is not having ideas so we have these titles then we have some things that we can research and formulate at a later date so go through each one of your sub categories and write down three to five potential topics underneath those subcategories so now that we've got an itch and we have some subcategories we have some potentials post titles we're going to create a blogging calendar I think this is really important to keep your blogging on track so creating a blogging calendars tip number three so I use co schedule calm to organize my blogging if the WordPress automation tool it really helps me schedule my posts and see the next 30 days from a bird's eye view you can do this as well with a traditional calendar use new google calendar print one out yourself but i like to look at all the days the week I choose to blog about three times a week on average it's a really doable amount for me so if that's monday wednesday friday i'll plan out my month of the post so once again it doesn't mean you need to have all the clothes written but those potential pinterest blog post titles that I'm tip number two I can schedule those in so I could say I'm going to do the first one next Friday the next one next Monday I don't need to have them written I can just have an overall plan and then I can set some time to actually write the post so the next thing to do is work on writing you post when I mentioned all those post titles that I had that's just pre-planning so now actually the set of timer and get some writing done now I find it very easy to get distracted I don't know if any of you feel the same way but it is very difficult to sit down and write for 23 hours straight without any breaks so I play a little game with myself I set a 30 minute timer I tell myself that I cannot do anything else but write that blog post for 30 minutes I mean I can choose to stare at the screen if I want to but I can open Internet can't look at Instagram I can't look at Twitter I just have to write that post and once that timer goes off take a break like take a walk if you want I can offer on your house play with your dog the other day I did this it was so bad I was setting 30-minute timers and that's that like a 10 minute timer I just an old photograph that's the only way I got there writing that blog post so whatever you need to do and then when that timer is up say the 10 minute timer for your break time get back to writing it supposes events have another 30 minute timer breaking up these small chunks that really helps you get more work done so tip number four would be making your blog shareable so when somebody comes to your blogging they might read a post that they really really like is there an easy way for them to share it because we're univers don't naturally think about this in the sense of you need to make it easy for them so if they have to go to Twitter and manually copy and paste that link and then find your username and tag you in it it's not that likely to happen but if you have social sharing links but you can do using a wordpress plugin across the top or bottom of your post you can remind your reader oh yeah I can just hit this button and this will automatically tweet this for me this is a great idea you can also use a plug-in called tweet this because you can take little captions from your blog post and encourage people to tweet those as well in addition it's really good the edge of reference previous blog posts that you've written the might line up really well what you're writing about this time so you trying to keep readers on your page and get them really invest in on what you've written about in the past another thing to keep in mind is optimizing your images for social media networks do you have a more vertical kind of image for Pinterest over just a horizontal title image if you go to my blog you'll notice that I have horizontal title images which work really well for sharing on Facebook or Twitter I usually make some sort of a square version of it for Instagram then I have a very specific image for Pinterest and some that will be about 600 pixels wide by 1200 pixels tall so it's much more stretched out and it takes up more room on the pictures Nueske's it's more likely to get my blog notice so if you thought about these things on your blog I find if you implement all these things they'll make for much more effective sharing tip number five for more effective blogging is analyzing your analytics so are you set up on google analytics if not you should take five minutes and do that right now it's quite easy and they've lots of tutorials on once you've installed it on your blog give it a couple weeks to collect some data about the users cash into your blog after then it's really good idea to check your reports every couple weeks or at least every month to see what's working where is most of your traffic coming from are there any referring web sites maybe you left a comment on some of these blog and you've got 50 new visitors from that blog well maybe you should comment even more because that's a really good source of referrals for you are you spending so much time on Facebook but seem very little return it might mean you need to change up your strategy there so tell you know what's working for you it's hard to be as effective as possible because you have no way to measure it and that's our Google Analytics is a very handy tool in conclusion the five tips for more effective blogging are one choosing a really specific web page to brainstorming a list of topics ahead of time three creating a consistent flogging calendar for making sure your lungs optimized for readers to easily share and five analyzing using google analytics to see what's working and what's not I really hope these tips help to you if you were helped by this video please subscribe and share with your friends the storage of bringing me lots more videos soon I would also love to during the comment what you'd like me to speak about I'm totally open to your ideas so please share below and i hope to address your questions in a future video thank you so much .